Grace Lutheran Church is justifiably proud of its Music Ministry, and especially of the mighty instrument which has been faithfully leading us since its installation in October 1965. The organ, built by the Schlicker Organ Company of Buffalo, NY, was co-designed by company founder Hermann Schlicker and Lutheran musician and organ historian Dr. Paul Bunjes. Mrs. Ella B. Buenger donated funds for the organ, and it was dedicated on October 24, 1965.

The three-manual console uses its 49 tilt stop tablets, 21 pistons and 2-1/2” of wind pressure to control 38 ranks of pipes as well as a 24 bell set of Deagan Chimes, a six-note Klann Zimberlstern and an electronic 32’ Sub-Bourdon; a total of nearly 2,100 pipes encompassing a range of nine octaves.

The organ is located in the rear balcony about 10 feet above the main floor. The main case, which majestically rises to a height of 21 feet, contains the Great and Pedal divisions and the Swell Division, under expression, which is mounted above the Great. Thirty-five Principal 8’ rank pipes form the façade. Paul Bunjes left his design mark in the unique positioning of the 488-pipe Positive division, which is cantilevered off of the balcony rail just behind the organ bench.

The organ went through a major renovation in 1994 which included the addition of a 32’ electronic Sub-Bourdon, the replacement of damaged 8’ Salicional rank with a Viola 8’ rank, the addition of a Viola Celeste 8’ rank as well as the Walter Fechner Memorial Zimbelstern

Our Schlicker Organ