DAY 34: Last Laugh

“He took her by the hand and said to her, ‘Talithi kuom!’ which means, ‘Little girl, I say to you, get up!’” (Mark 5:41 )

Jesus and His disciples were on the way to the home of Jairus, who had asked Jesus to heal his daughter. As they were going, the word came. It was too late. The little girl had died.

But Jesus continued on to Jairus’ house.

As they drew near, they could hear the loud cacophonous sound of grieving. There was wailing and moaning and beseeching and lamenting, all pouring from the home of Jairus. His daughter had died. There is no greater grief for a parent to bear.

But then Jesus entered the home and told the mourners to stop their wailing. The girl wasn’t really dead. She was sleeping.

Mourning turned to laughter. Wailing turned to derision. They laughed at Him, as they filed out the door.

Into the little girls room went Jesus, her parents, Peter, James, and John.

We can imagine the stillness of the room.

Jesus took the little girls hand and said, “Talitha kuom.” “Arise.”

And she did. She got off her deathbed.

Now Jairus, who had asked Jesus to heal his daughter, received immeasurably more. A healing is one thing. Such things happen, on occasion. But a resurrection? Jairus went from despairing to rejoicing. Jairus received not merely healing for his daughter, but witnessing the dead brought to life.

Sometimes we ask for a healing, and what Jesus wants to give is immeasurably more – new life.

As you examine what all God is doing through this capital campaign, don’t just look at the dollar amount raised. Rather, focus on the renewed life for this ministry because of this effort. What new opportunities is God revealing? What new lives will be touched? What new blessings will He display? It’s always immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.

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