“I pray that you . . . may have power . . . to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of  Christ . . .”(Ephesians 3:18 )

“How wide and long and high and deep. When you read that phrase it may prompt you to go to the tool box and get the tape measure. After all, if you want to know how long or wide something is you measure it. Is it 26 inches or 26 1/8 or 26 3/4? What is the exact measurement? After all, the old adage is “measure twice, cut once.”

But there are some things that are . . . well, immeasurable. There are some things that no tape measure is long enough for. There are some things that you can’t get your arms around. They are beyond measure. If that is the case, then what Paul is praying for in the verse above is nearly impossible. How can you grasp how wide, long, high, and deep something is if it is beyond measure?

Clearly the point Paul is making is to simply emphasize the greatness, the vastness of God’s love. In a world where we often put conditions and limits on love, there are no conditions or limits on God’s love. 

Human reason may suggest loving someone up to a point, but God’s love goes way beyond that. Therefore, you are loved “immeasurably” by God. And because of His immeasurable love, God wants you to grasp (as much as is humanly possible) how wide and long and high and deep is His love for you.

Knowing (or at least attempting to know) the immeasurable love God has for you is the place to begin as you consider a capital campaign for your church and how you may be a part of it. 

It is easy to put limits on what you think you can do (or give). But the place to begin is to realize that in loving you, in saving you, in forgiving you; God has no limits. 

So as you begin this process, pray about how wide and long and high and deep your response might be to Him whose love for you is immeasurably more than anything you can ask or imagine.   

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